Personal reading

Get a personal Energy Reading Painting, just for you!

A very affordable piece of Art that you can use as a tool for your meditation practice. I want to inspire myself with your unique energy so we can create together an exclusive painting! 

I want to show you your beauty on an energy level ❤️

Abstraction is a way for me to translate what I feel and see. It’s a different language, very emotional. Some kind of realignment with colours and movement. 

The process is super simple

Step 1 : Purchase in the ”shop” section, the Personal reading.

(9X12 inch) 45$ + shipping.

Step 2 : Send me by email the answers to those 3 questions :

  • Your full name.
  • Your birth date.
  • A photo of you (Optional. If you don’t feel it, all good. Just easier to connect with your energy!)

I am cancer, rising scorpio moon in capricorn ✨  I am also Reiki master 👁️ Tell me about you by sending your infos at :

What does it look like?

The art piece will be made on paper with different techniques. You can frame it, and give it a personal touch according to your decor. 


I recommend to include your art piece in your spiritual routine (meditation, yoga, art, breathing…).

Example: Before a meditation, take the time to observe and feel your art piece. Look at it, give every details your full attention. This is you. Give it love. Be present for yourself. Now close your eyes, and dive into your practice keeping the piece in mind. You can visualize the energy of the colors feeding your chakras!

Be creative ❤️


I can recreate your personal reading on a big canvas. It won’t be a copy of it, but the watercolor becomes an inspiration for the painting. That way, you can be inspired by that energy on your wall, all day, every day!

With so much love,

Jessie B.